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  • Apple Certified
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  • DSA Screen Certified
  • Linotype-Hell Certified
  • Fuji Certified
  • Luminous Certified


Apple Repair

Hartland Computer Repair is pleased to offer a full line of Apple Macintosh repairs and support. Not only can we repair your broken Mac, we offer software support, device integration and training for all Apple Macintosh products including: iMacs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacPros, iPads, iPods and iPhones. We also support and repair Apple legacy hardware such as G4s, G3s and legacy Powerbooks.

Our Mac technician has over 26 years experience in Apple repair and support in the graphic arts field. He specializes in supporting prepress departments, graphics departments, ad agencies, newspapers and commercial printers.

We offer services that retail outlets don't provide. We can recover your data from a damaged hard drive, perform upgrades, installs and support for a wide variety of Apple and 3rd party software packages. Remember that the majority of issues with your Mac tend to be software related and we can provide support to resolve conflicts, upgrades and alternatives so that your Mac can continue to be a productive tool and a great investment.

Our on-site Apple repairs are fast, affordable and guarenteed so don't wait, call now for an appointement

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