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About Us

Hartland Computer Services LLC is your friendly Lexington computer help desk. When we started working in the computer, networking and telecommunications fields, having a home computer meant you were some kind of “nerd”. Of course now we know better and refer to these people as “geeks” or just “strange” – and merely having a computer doesn’t qualify you for this club anymore. Although our old Apple IIe (and its 8k of RAM) is long gone, we have kept with us the experience of fixing nearly every conceivable personal computer problem on the planet.

The job that we tell our parents we do is called “IT Consultant”. In this capacity we have done work for the telephone and mobile companies in Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and the Czech Republic and for software firms in Silicon Valley, Israel, Canada, France, India and the UK. Here in the US we have built and supported desktop systems for organisations such as J.P. Morgan and Columbia University. We have also provided marketing and IT consulting to a number of software companies based in Europe and North America. What we really like to do though is help people – and that’s why we started Hartland Computer Repair here in Lexington Kentucky. Give us a call, we'd like to help you too.


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