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Speeding Up Your Computer

Why do computers seem to get slower and slower with age? Well, we've got some grand conspiracy theories that we...ahem, should probably not talk about here so rather we'll only mention what we can prove. When you add new programs and new devices like printers or external drives or cameras, etc. to your computer you introduce new drivers, services and start-up programs. These programs may be buggy, may conflict with each other or may just be slow. Moreover, applications are hungry for more and more memory and the more of your RAM they take, the slower your computer will become.

Quantify - Measure - Test

Our approach to computer repair for slow machines is to be methodical and quantitiative - that's what every Best Practice we know from consulting, engineering and business tells us.  Here is what we do:
  1. Time-to-Internet - Using specialized software that monitors the applications, services and driviers running on your computer, we measure the time from power-on until your internet connection is usable. We have found that this is a pretty good proxy for the overall speed of your computer. This creates our Baseline against which we will later test our speed-improvement results.
  2. Take Out the Trash - Over time, computers often build up a considerable number of programs and services that are running but are unneccessary or unused. These programs take up memory and processing time and result in slow computer operations. By removing all of these programs, we can get a good idea of how fast your computer can run (remember how fast it seemed when it was new?). We can then add the programs you really use later.
  3. RAM Check - Often, computers run slow because they don't have enough memory. Insufficient RAM causes Windows computers to "page" programs out to their hard drive, this really slows things down. We check your computer's RAM usage to see if this is occuring and make a recommendation whether additional memory will help.
  4. Security De-borking - Security software, espicially the security suites that often come pre-installed on modern computers, have their hooks into almost every aspect of the operation of your computer. If they get corrupted or misconfigured, these programs can have a profoundly negative impact on your computer's speed. We always review the operation of these programs to ensure they are helping, not hurting your computer experience. (Rather than referring to your computer as "slow" you can impress your geek friends by referring to your computer as "totally borked" - get started today, receive a 5% discount on services at Hartland Computer by using this term)
  5. Get Organized - The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that sytems move from a state of2nd Law Formula orgnization toward a state of disorganization. This law applies equally to the universe, the desk in our office and your hard drive. When programs get scattered across your hard drive, as they do with use, you experience a gradual decrease in performance. Windows has some built-in utilities to help with this but they only go so far. We've seen speed improvements of 20% and more using our tools and techniques.
  6. Check This Out - After we've preformed these steps and any others that are appropriate, we'll measure the results and provide you with them along with our Baseline measurements so you can see, as well as feel, the results. The normal response of our customers is, "Wow".  

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