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         Lexington Computer Repair - Virus Removal

Fun Fact: Viruses are not caused by visiting porn sites! The overwhelming majority of viruses come from bogus emails and drive-by installs from seeminly legitimate websites.

If you have a computer virus infection  and you want to try to remove it yourself, read this quick guide



Virus Removal - Guaranteed

We are Lexington's computer repair virus removal experts. In the last 6 years, we have cleaned over 53,000 viruses from infected computers and we have never lost a single customer data file. Our unique 10-step process means you keep all your programs, setting and data files without having to re-install them! And we put our money where our mouth is with a no-questions-asked guarentee.

Here are the services we provide as part of our process to disinfect and tune your computer:

  • Remove
    • all virus and malware programs
    • all adware, spyware and toolbars
    • all references to malware from Registry
    • unwanted programs that attract viruses
    • crapware programs that attract problems
    • unnecessary programs from startup
  • Re-install or install new antivirus program
  • Reset firewall and browser security levels
  • Repair
    • Windows cryptography and security functions
    • Windows Update
    • internet security levels
  • Recover missing or hidden programs, files and icons
  • Install missing security patches and Service Packs
  • Update essential web applications like Java, Flash, etc.
  • General operational and internet tuning and testing
  • Guarantee our work

Some computer repair shops will tell you that you need to re-install Windows to get rid of your virus - don't take your computer to these guys. Re-installing Windows is a cheap and fast way to overwrite viruses however 1) Some viruses can persist, even if the hard drive is reformatted and Windows is re-installed and 2) You'll have to reinstall all your programs and settings (product keys, email, backgrounds, etc.) This is almost never required - we remove viruses leaving all your data and programs in place!

If you want professional help in saving your data, eliminating viruses and keeping them away, come to us and we'll use our 10-Step Virus Removal Process:

Hartland Computer 10-Step Virus Removal Process
  1. Hard Drive Image
    Before we start we take an image of your hard drive. This preserves your precious data files, documents, photos, spreadsheets, etc. so that no further harm can come to them.
  2. Offline Virus Removal
    We use some of the best software in the industry to scan your hard drive for viruses while it is outside of your machine. Many malware programs ("malware" is the generic term for all the programs the bad guys try to get on your PC) take over your computer's functions when you first boot up. Scanning for them from another machine is something they are not expecting and that gives us the edge we need.
  3. Offline Spyware Removal
    In some cases we will also perform a full scan for spyware and trojans while the disk drive is outside your computer. This generally gives us the best chance of getting a "clean boot" once we re-install the drive.
  4. Remove Old Anti-Virus Software
    Because the PC is "compromised", often the installed anti-virus or spyware software has been compromised as well. We normally remove the old broken programs to make room for better tools.
  5. Test for Damage to Key Windows Components
    Some infections are worse than others. Often the infection will have damaged Windows programs, drivers and services that are needed for healthy operation of your computer. Some particularly nasty viruses will infect your disk's Master Boot Record (MBR), fixing this is a rather delicate by-hand process that is done in this step.
  6. Install Virus Tools
    We use a series of tools that are the best in the industry at identifying and killing computer viruses and malware. We thoroughly scan your computer multiple times to eliminate all instances of pests.
  7. Install Security Updates
    Any necessary Microsoft Security Updates are installed. Windows security features are checked and configured to the proper settings. Other security updates may be applied in this step as needed.
  8. System Testing
    Test for internet access and speed. In many cases we use something called a "sniffer" to examine network traffic coming into and out of the PC to ensure that there is no malware still on the system and "phoning home". We also test to alleviate the possibility that hidden malware might return.
  9. Audit Trail
    We provide you with the logs for any automated scans that found positive results. We also document the additional steps we took to configure and secure your system.
  10. Recommendations & Guarantee
    We provide customized recommendations for customers to ensure that malware doesn't return.

But our service doesn't end after you walk out the door. If your virus infection returns in the next 30 days, we'll fix it free of charge. All we ask is that you follow a few simple safe-computing precautions.

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